Miljösäck closes the loop

16 000 tonnes less carbon dioxide per year

Miljösäck originates from Celloplast a company that was founded in the 30’s. The business expanded rapidly during the 60’s and 70’s when the T-shirt bag made inroads. Celloplast had strong patents and was for a long time alone in the market. During the late 70’s the patents expired. The company’s business units were then sold out successively. Plastic recycling and bag production, which started in 1979 was sold in 1992 to the Swiss packaging group Model AG, Weinfelden. In 2000, Miljösäck was transferred to an associated company to Model AG; InnoHolding AG, Eschlikon, Switzerland.

The company has 60 employees and a turnover of 10 MEuro.

Miljösäck recycles post consumer packaging film made of polyethylene, which is processed into new plastic bags intended for sorting, industrial, catering, cleaning, houshold and garden use. We use only recycled material collected in Sweden. In comparison with bags made from virgin raw material or production waste is the environmental benefit, in the form of reduced carbon emissions and lower oil consumption, clear for each package.

Environmental benefits are being communicated in brochures, product leaflets and packaging labels.

Every year we recycle more than 8 000 tonnes of polyethylene from the post consumer material resulting in 16 000 tonnes less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and 8 000 000 liters less consumption of crude oil.

Our customers include waste handling companies, wholesale and retail chains in the Nordic countries.